The 2 P’s You Want to Avoid in Your Content Marketing Strategy


“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

– Andrew Davis

I’m willing to guarantee that at least one of my major pet peeves also happens to be one of your prospects pet peeves! Much like the rest of us and very likely most of your prospects, I look at a lot of online content daily. Two things immediately turn me off: excessive pitching and pointless nonsense.  

Number one is pitching without value!

We all know at least one business who continually promotes, and never attempts to deliver any value before the ask. Of course, you want to promote your services and products but honey; we cannot get married before going on a few dates first. Look I get it, you are excited about what you have to offer, you know it can change lives, and you cannot wait to serve. I often see it from MLMs, and Direct Marketing folks mostly because they so believe in what they are selling. It’s easy for all of us to fall into this trend; we are passionate about what we do, and we want to share it.

But please with pretty on top, avoid this pitfall.

As I covered in my last blog post,  The 3 I’s Your Content Needs inform first, provide value, make it fun and engage your audience, and then, by all means, let them know how you can be of service to them. Aim at putting out 3-7 pieces of content before adding a pitch or promoting a product. Remember content can be across different platforms and styles. Don’t limit yourself, just educate and engage.


Number two is pointless, unproductive and useless information! 

Why would you take the time to put out content for your business that does not serve a purpose? It must serve a purpose! I see this a lot on live streams which are quickly becoming the hottest medium for content delivery. Yes, social media is all about being “social,” but when it comes to business, you still need to focus on giving your audience what they want at any given time. Is the objective to educate? Or is it to promote a particular product, launch, blog, event? Or is it to survey your prospects? Or is it to entertain? Just know what the purpose is and make sure it also provides value to your audience. Even if you are at the point of promotion, provide value.

An example of this is people popping in from a live event just to say hey! Are you “saying hello” from your live event? Great, give them a piece of useful information you are covering in the event and if there is still time for them to join you, tell them how or when the next event is. In reality, you are promoting the event, which is perfectly ok, just give us a reason to want to hear you, see you and eventually join you.

Do you have a pet peeve when it comes to the content you consume? Is it one of the above? Or do you have a juicy content marketing pet peeve I haven’t shared yet? Let’s be social share it with me here!


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